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Tyre waste collection enquiry

CTS Tyre Recycling will be accepting tyres for recycling in early 2024. Register your interest now and we will contact you prior to receivals becoming available.

Welcome to CTS Tyre Recycling

CTS Tyre Recycling is on a mission to improve the environment by preventing tyre waste.
The company is part of the Complete Tyre Solutions group, which has 35 years in-depth experience in the tyre industry and a nationwide branch presence.

It’s this industry knowledge that has driven us to do better. As such, we are constructing a proven recycling plant that will convert waste tyres into processable products for use on WA roads, on sports turf, industrial matting and much more.

It’s sustainable solution to move away from the increasingly unacceptable process of on-site burial of end-of-life tyres.

The Problem

The storage, disposal or burial of end-of-life tyres is an increasingly hot topic as the quantity continues to grow and is environmentally unsustainable. Australia has banned the export of waste tyres to overseas destinations. We have to provide the solutions locally.

The Solution

With the support of a $3.5 million grant from the state and federal governments the Company has secured the long-term lease on a facility to be constructed in Neerabup on land within the Meridian Park industrial estate.

The project will deliver the state-of-the-art tyre recycling plant to process waste tyres into crumb rubber, tyre derived products, reusable high tensile steel wire and reusable textile.

CTS Tyre Recycling breaking ground

CTS Tyre Recycling has marked the beginning of a major change towards sustainability in the tyre industry. We had a great turn out at our ground breaking ceremony on Friday (12th August)  with State Environment Minister Reece Whitby MLA and federal MP Josh Wilson in...

Mining Monthly talks about CTSTR

In addition to the West Australian’s story, mining monthly talks about the impact that our new facility will have on the mining industry and the impact of waste on the environment.

Neerabup move

We’re on the move to our new home… After encountering bureaucratic delays on our planned site at Jandakot airport, we’ve found a new home in the northern suburbs, in a major industrial estate and close to major transport routes.
CTS Tyre Recycling Ceremony

CTSTR in The West Australian

There has been a lot of buzz in the air about our new facility that we are building in Jandakot. Especially with our capability of processing surface mining tyres at a scale not seen on Australian shores. You can read about it in the article below from the West...

Wheely Good News on ABC

ABC News talks about the new CTS Tyre Recycling facility and our impact as leaders in a fast changing industry.

CTSTR impact reducing WA waste

More than 50-million tyres reach end-of-life each year. To date only around 20% of the total number have been recycled, more than 25% had been exported and the remainder have been stockpiled, buried, or illegally dumped.  In the case of “Off The Road” (OTR) tyres...

CTS Tyre Recycling Media Coverage

Since our ground breaking ceremony, we have been inundated with stories covering our new facility and discussing the huge changes it will make to the tyre industry. Click to read this story from Ewan Scott